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Teddy Tsatsos

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MakeYourBody fitness studio owner Theodora “Teddy” Tsatsos has over 25 years of experience in the fitness and personal training industry. She holds certifications in personal training and weight management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and attended two years of medical school.

She also created the first parent-child training studio in Chicago to address the rise in obesity. That concept has since evolved into providing health and fitness information to the heads of the households, mainly women.

She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge, educating others and training everyone from young professionals to Baby Boomers and beyond. She uses intelligent, realistic principles to create custom fitness programs for those of all ages, and knows workout and nutrition goals must be doable to be incorporated as a lifestyle.

She also teaches using her favorite motto: “Be Disciplined, Not Dead.”



MakeYourBody is a small, boutique fitness studio located in Chicago’s Roscoe Village neighborhood.

With over 25 years of experience in the fitness and personal training industry, studio owner/founder Theodora “Teddy” Tsatsos knows exercise must be done properly to be effective — and for clients to see results.

For that reason, she offers one-on-one and two-person weight training sessions — in addition to small-group fitness classes that top out eight people.

The idea is giving clients a personal experience and teaching them how to move their bodies the right way to achieve results. Along the way, they receive personal attention, education and get a chance to unwind, de-stress and enjoy a little “me time” in their busy day.

MakeYourBody offers the following:

One-on-one personal training

This is the starting point for all new clients. The focus is on achieving strength and balance by learning proper form and correct movement, with optimal range of motion, muscle isolation and memory, effective stretching, proper pace and tempo and focused breathing.


Semi-private training

This budget-friendly option allows two or three people to work with the same trainer at once in sessions that are small enough to offer personal attention with a focus on form, strength, muscle isolation, stretching, injury prevention, breathing, spotting and cardio.

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Yoga for Life/ Yoga for Back Care

These sessions focus on alignment, relaxation and breath techniques to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Classes aim to bring strength, calmness, balance, relaxation and challenge — all during the same session! Yoga for Back Care benefits anyone who suffers from back tightness and pain, while Yoga For Life uses simple stretches in the core area to help relieve tension within the muscles and rid the body of toxins while improving posture and flexibility. Both classes teach Vinyasa yoga, where movement is synchronized with breath to help connect to the body.

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Full Body Pump, Interval Training, CORE Power

These sessions offer the benefits of a full-body workout using interval training techniques designed to build strength while toning/developing muscle and building core power and endurance. Participants are challenged and improve their bodies in ways never imagined in an energetic, mind-blowing class.


Bootcamp/ Insanity/ Total Insanity

These classes offers multiple combinations of various styles of training for every taste. There are quick rounds of cardio in harmony with strength training for stamina. The sessions help define muscles and hone core strength in ways you never imagined.


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