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Paul Michael Rahn is a fitness entrepreneur and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer who founded SWEAT, a group fitness studio started in Chicago, Ill.  Paul’s day is nothing short of a roller coaster as he designs the heart-pounding, sweat-dripping workouts for SWEAT, works with his training staff developing high quality instructors and still has time to run to Starbucks! A graduate of UIS with his MBA, he’s spent his career doing what he does best, managing and executing business strategy. SWEAT brings his passion for fitness, business and people development together.  Oh, did you know he’s a trainer too?  You know where to find him!

From Paul: I don’t like Chicago, I love Chicago.  From the first time I came to the city I felt an energy that I knew I wanted with an unspoken drive of the people in the communities.  When I walk the streets I am filled with excitement about the endless possibilities that awaits.  My passion for improving the health of others in Chicago has never been greater as I expand both my personal fitness and SWEAT.  I love improving the health of others because I can see the short term and long term changes it makes in peoples’ lives when they find the balance in health and wellness!

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SWEAT specializes in the highest quality group fitness classes with the focus of personalized instruction with our SWEAT certified trainers.  We combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with innovative athletic movements, strength training and metabolic conditioning.  We program our workouts to ensure a total body fitness program is achieved with each workout focusing on different muscle groups, getting you the best workout possible. SWEAT is for any fitness level, everything can be modified to fit your needs whether you haven’t worked out in ten years, or are a college athlete.

I chose the location with a profound love for the city of Chicago and wanted the first location to be in the heart of city’s historic Gold Coast within the fitness industry, firmly believing that high intensity interval training, safe intent driven programming, with motivating and personalized training is the best overall fitness program available.

What separates SWEAT from any other business of its kind is our all-inclusive program designed to ensure a total body routine, yet focusing on different muscles groups with each given workout and our SWEAT certified trainers who take a personalized training approach to group fitness classes ensuring you complete the workout safely, as well as modifying the program to fit your fitness level.

SWEAT can support the health of Chicago by both providing high quality training programs as well as educating the community about the benefits of HIIT, proper exercise technique and eating to see sustainable results.

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