Maria Cristina Torres

Maria Cristina Torres

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Maria Cristina Torres MSOM, L.Ac. (MD Mexico) has always been interested in solving health problems for people. She received her medical degree from the UNAM Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. Torres extended her studies at UNAM to earn an additional Diploma in Clinical Pharmacology. Several years of practicing medicine in Mexico were followed by working in the private industry, where she was involved in the pharmaceutical product development, regulation and compliance. While conducting clinical trials she participated in initiatives to promote good clinical practices, patient rights and their protection in Mexico and Latin America. She participated in the pharmaceutical field in clinical research in areas such as Depression, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, and Oncology among others. Torres has been a consultant for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry in the regulatory environment in Latin America.

Torres was shocked to see the epidemic proportions that obesity, diabetes and cancer that the population faces both in Mexico and the US and decided to do something about it in a proactive way, with holistic approach.

While living in the United States she discovered that Traditional Chinese Medicine would offer what she was looking for in terms of practicing medicine and patient treatment. She pursued a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago and obtained Certification by NCCAOM.

Torres considers herself fortunate to be able to incorporate into her understanding of medicine the eastern traditional philosophy to treat patients.  She is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Illinois where she is part of a network of practitioners aimed at prevention and early management of diseases without drugs.

Torres loves Chicago for its diversity, culture and opportunities. She chose to set up her practice in downtown Chicago to reach the most dynamic population willing to take control of their health through natural and non invasive methods.

She loves being able to take her time to listen her patients concerns and considers fortunate to promote meaningful changes in patient’s wellness.

Maria Cristina Torres, Integral Alternative Medicine

About Integral Alternative Medicine

Integral Alternative Medicine LLC (IAM) is a clinic dedicated to providing a personalized approach and offering Oriental Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Moxibustion, Tui Na Chinese Massage Therapy and Japanese Acupuncture which is gentler for more sensitive patients.  Our aim is to support the body to heal itself – without drugs.  This helps get and maintain body harmony according to Chinese philosophy adapted to present times.

IAM has two locations – Downtown Chicago and Evanston Ill. These fulfill the needs of those willing to take care of themselves during the day – both busy, working individuals and homeworkers.

Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to support healthy living.  We also help manage common ailments and diseases at early stages.  Our goal is to make advanced medicine unnecessary.   We do however refer patients to primary care physicians whenever a serious condition is suspected. We network extensively with physicians interested and involved in holistic medicine.

One of the major concerns in our lives is the fast paced living in the Chicago area which is very dynamic and competitive, full of hard working and successful people with little time for themselves.  We offer a number of services so people can alleviate stress, learn how to manage it, support a healthy lifestyle and gain timely control of medical problems including sleeping issues, digestive disorders, menstrual disorders such as irregular or painful periods and natural relief to menopausal symptoms, among other common complaints.  We also provide pain management and treat the root causes rather than symptoms, all done without drugs.

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