Why SWEAT Classes? How Is It Different?

Starting a new business can be one of the most intimidating things for a young entrepreneur. When the idea of quitting a successful corporate gig was considered, to fulfill a vision once thought to be a distant dream, it’s like adding 50 pounds to your shoulder press…it doesn’t go up as fast!

For me, the experience is no different. That’s why each day is a battle between reaching for this vision I had of myself three years ago, and executing it as reality.

I set out three years ago, to enhance the fitness world and bring my small hometown a fitness program that I knew would be beneficial. I opened up Maple Leaf CrossFit with a whirlwind of experience that combined my passion for business, and fitness on a daily basis. Constantly overcoming daily challenges have really developed my knowledge around what’s best for our bodies. This brought me to SWEAT.

I set out to create an inclusive fitness program that allows every person, regardless of their age or fitness level, to complete a daily exercise routine. Based on someone’s fitness goal, these programs would target every muscle group to build lean defined muscle, shred unwanted body fat for a toned body and ensure that people can complete three to five days of the program without feeling burnt out. I wanted individual days focused on arms, legs and a day that supports your cardiovascular endurance. I mean, who doesn’t love a good total body circuit? SWEAT class is a result of this program that benefits individuals in many areas that include physical, mental, emotional and social health.

What makes SWEAT classes different from other fitness gyms and classes advertising HIIT, boot camps and other various creative nicknames?

SWEAT differentiates from other gyms and fitness classes by three big differences:

1. SWEAT program workouts in advance according to the weekly program structure. 

It’s different from other gyms because most gym’s classes are programmed by instructors that are simply teaching. If you take one class that’s created by an instructor, there’s a very good chance that the next class looks fairly similar to your previous one. This won’t get you to that total body fitness routine your body craves. SWEAT has created a program that focuses on long-term results by individually working each muscle group on different days of the week. SWEAT does this to achieve that total body fitness routine goal.

2. SWEAT trainers support you in making sure you get the best possible workout and while there may be 30 people in class, it will feel like a personalized experience.

SWEAT instructors are certified in our very own program. In additional to motivating you through the workout, trainers provide personalized technique training that ensures you not only have a good class, but you do it as safe as possible. Instructors are trained to notice when something isn’t right and will correct you if a problem occurs. If modifications are needed, trainers know different movements you can do that work the same muscle group without the risk of injury.

3. SWEAT is not a gym of individuals.

Our studio gyms offer you the chance to work alongside a community of people working to reach their personal goals. Joining a new gym or trying a new class can be intimidating. Our staff of trainers and members express a very welcoming atmosphere. I wouldn’t be caught off guard if a member stops their workout to support a new member. Encouragement is the best motivator that makes SWEAT a great time for everyone! It’s been proven that working out with others generates higher motivation to achieve maximum results!


There are so many options when it comes to fitness in Chicago. It’s all about finding what works for you, the results you want and the balance you seek in your life. SWEAT has personally helped me find the combination of these three factors in one place. These programs continue to maintain and gain support across the Chicago fitness community. For more information or to reserve a class, visit SWEAT at chicagosweat.com.


Paul Rahn

By Paul Michael Rahn

Chicago SWEAT

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Edited by Sean Paler

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