Top Three Benefits of Rowing

Benefits of Rowing Healthy Living ChicagoDid you know that using a rowing machine will help build and tone your muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular function and increase your stamina? Rowing is a great low impact workout that is an ideal way to work toward maximum physical fitness. Here are a few other benefits of rowing:

Weight Loss

One of the biggest reasons people exercise is to lose or maintain weight. Rowing will burn calories rapidly! Frequent rowing can help you work toward the calorie deficit that is essential to weight loss.


Rowing is cardio! It is an endurance exercise that increases heart function and uses carbohydrates to provide the energy required. If you keep the rowing machine tension low between 1-4 this will allow you to maintain a high rate of speed with little resistance to reach and maintain an aerobic state. Aerobic state will improve lung, heat and circulation systems.

Muscle Toning

Rowing uses every major muscle group in the body! Unlike running, rowing has minimal pressure on the joints. Rowers work their legs, hips and glutes with each stroke. The upper body muscles and back will be working as well. Let’s not forget about the core, a big part of rowing is core strength!

Next time you are at your gym, try rowing out for yourself!

Here are a few quick technique tips:

1.   Start with your legs bent and feet in the stirrups with your shins at about 90 degrees to the floor. Extend your arms, grabbing the handle wide, leaning your body forward so your shoulders come right in front of hips.
2.   Drive off with your legs until they are straight, then lean your torso back slightly, pull strongly bending at your elbows.
3.   Recovery will begin by straightening your arms; hinge at hips and then bend the knees, returning the handle back to where you started.

Think LEGS -> ARMS -> ARMS -> LEGS



Emily Greenaway Healthy Living Chicago

By Emily Greenaway




  1. Dr. Michael Veerman

    I recently got back into rowing and it does not only make your back look nice. This is a great way to get your whole body involved in an exercise. It is also important to do properly so that you do not experience back pain.

  2. Dr. Smitherman

    I would highly suggest learning this exercise and others with proper form from a professional like Emily. Rowing is a great whole body exercise.


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