Intimidation…Leave It and Join a Community Gym

Join a Community gym, Healthy Living Chicago, Chicago,Have you ever walked into a gym and felt like you’re walking into a high school cafeteria filled with anxiety over which table you’ll be most welcomed to? That might not be a bad thing to walk into during your first visit. From a gym owner’s perspective it is actually best for your new journey into group fitness.

Trying out a new gym is one of the most nerve-wracking things for most people to do. It becomes even worse when you realize you’re one of only two or three people who’ve never been amongst a class filled with regulars yelling at each other to push harder!

I’m here to tell you, you’re getting into something good! Joining a gym that’s centered on building a community vibe has great benefits to support each individual’s overall health and wellness including physical, mental and emotional pros.

We’ve all seen the articles and endless social media posts about how working out with a friend is far better in terms of yielding greater motivation during your workout. It has also been said that having a friend in the gym holds you more accountable to the program you start with in hopes of finishing through to the results you desire.

As an owner of fitness studios, I find this to be true and gets you to your goals faster than that of an average gym where you’d oftentimes go alone, seclude yourself on a piece of fitness equipment and might go the entire visit without acknowledging another person!

The top five things to look for when trying a gym in hopes of joining a fitness community are:


1) A welcoming staff that shows you the ropes – where to sign in, where your bags go and introduces you to the trainer you’ll be taking class(es) with.

2) Groups of people segmented throughout the gym – members conversing about their lives both in and outside the gym.

3) The trainer talking to the members – calling them by name during class and introducing themselves to you (if you haven’t already met) to learn your name.

4) Members supporting other members – be it helping get the right piece of equipment or urging them to go harder on the treadmill.

5) The staff, trainer and members following up on you – asking you how your class was, how you feel and asking if you’ll be back.

Each person’s experience can vary, but keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to step out and open up about your fitness goals and why you’re trying new gyms! The better we get to know you, the faster you’ll be on the road to achieving those goals you are aiming for!

Paul Rahn
By Paul Michael Rahn

Chicago Sweat


  1. Dr. Michael Veerman

    Great article! It is important to find the gym and training that is right for you but to not be shy. Try different gyms to find out what you like. Many of them have a free trial to see if it is right for you!

  2. Dr. Smitherman

    Gym community fosters motivation, and positive feeling about exercise. 🙂

  3. Dr. Beau Horner

    There are lots of gyms out there to choose from so take advantage of the free trial. Some things to consider when choosing a gym are types of group classes, variety of cardio machines, free weight area, and overall gym environment.


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