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Is Derrick Rose fully recovered?

Derrick Rose has been through multiple injuries and criticisms but through all the setbacks and haters he is stronger than ever. Long story short, he has never lost his focus or confidence of getting back to the player he was and dreams of the player he can be.

Rose doesn’t have an extensive education on public relations or integrative marketing communications, but he does have a deeper understanding of the limits of his body through the experiences of injury and rehabilitation. Rose could be a stronger and more effective athlete from going through these injuries.

Let me explain.

Growing up, we are led to perform the wrong stretches, exercises and routines that lead to shorter and less productive careers. After a detrimental injury occurs we change our mindset to be open to correcting these essential components to get more out of all of our joints.

Professional athletes have access to the top medical professionals and advisors in the world. Most athletes don’t even take advantage of these services that are right at their fingertips until an injury occurs. These professionals advise on how to prepare your body for the physical demands on the court. Most athletes that have never had an injury before feel invincible and are not as open to the advice of others.

Through the last few years that Rose has been sidelined, he has most likely improved his balance, coordination and the strength of all muscles, tendons and ligaments that surround the joints that were injured. He also has a deeper understanding of leadership and tactics from being under one of the top coaches in the league, 2011 NBA Coach of the Year Tom Thibodeau.

With all of this knowledge, Rose will become a stronger and more confident player. Rose does not need pessimistic criticism; he needs optimistic inspiration.

April 18, 2015 was the moment we realized this. He walked off the court after having a scoring run in the first playoff game since his injury. As Rose was called to the bench for a rest he raised his hands to pump up the crowd and Bulls fans stood up to show their support. Rose, commentators and fans all recognized an emotion that we have not seen from him in three years. When he entered back into the game he continued by confidently going to the rim with no fear and showed new strengths with his pinpoint accuracy of his passes and draining 3 pointer after 3 pointer.

Rose does not need to explain the “why” to the media because this is not his profession. What he needs is the ball, a basket, the support of his team, and the scream of the fans.  Rose is an inspiration to all that have been through injury. Let’s inspire him by believing in the comeback and living in the moment.

By Dr. Michael Veerman

MVP Chiropractic


  1. ginny lucas

    Determination and focus, paired with the proper exercise and stretch rehab, have served Derek well. Being very athletic when I was young, without that proper training, I understand the damage that can be done to the body. Currently,the physical rehab with a great chiropractor have been my salvation. Good for Derek for having faith in himself.

  2. Dr. Smitherman

    Saving me from similar pain and injuries is how I got into chiropractic!


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